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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

BNP support

Most people on the right were up in arms that the BNP were under-represented in the QT audience. But if their support is 2/3%, then they probably weren't as even 3% isn't much.
I'm never a great fan of polls, but here you go.
Typical bloody right
"A new Comres poll out today for the Independent shows that the weighted percentage of people who plan to vote for the BNP is down to their usual 2% average.

Following BBC Question Time there was some speculation their vote had jumped by a massive 50% from 2% to 3%. But that was also entirely within the margin of error.

Of respondents likely to vote, support for UKIP also remained low at 3%. Greens were slightly higher at 4%.

The poll also rubbished the myth that most BNP supporters stayed at home or had left other parties. When asked who respondents would vote for if they were legally required to, BNP support only rose to 3%. UKIP remained at 3% while the Greens rose to 7%.

Only 2% of all respondents saw themselves as natural BNP voters."

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