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Friday, 23 October 2009

Letter from the Mayor's office on fare rises

"Thank you for your correspondence regarding public transport fare increases.

The Mayor appreciates the difficulties faced by many Londoners in the current economic climate and the decision to increase fares was not taken lightly. In his decision to increase fares, he has acted to ensure that vital improvements to London's transport system continue to be delivered and front line services protected in the face of huge financial pressures on Transport for London.

The Mayor believes that public transport is critical to the health and success of London as a leading world city and is determined to give London commuters the transport system they deserve and which the city needs to remain economically competitive. This has necessitated making some very tough decisions; however, the Mayor is convinced that this package represents the best option for London and for ensuring that vital repairs and improvements can be made."

What a cop out!
That's not necessarily his fault, as that is the nature of responding to stuff like that

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