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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Alastair Campbell on Cameron's speech

His attack is his own, but I think he has a point.
I like this bit:
"devolution was a good thing. The minimum wage was a good thing. Civil partnerships legislation was a good thing. They all required a bit of big government and they were all opposed by the Tories.

His big theme was that we did not need government but responsibility. But Sure Start was also a good thing. That needed big government to get it going. And of course the NHS is perhaps the best thing of all, and its basic principles untouchable. There was a little bit of having Labour's cake and eating it going on. The best policies in the speech were the Labour ones he said a Tory government would keep."


"What he did was lay down a very old fashioned dividing line, but wheras sometimes GB stands accused of having too many ideas for government action, Cameron's definition of small government seems to be to have lots of admirable goals, and just hope somehow that they come about. It was frankly a bit weird.

Ps. on the buzzword count, am I right in saying banks and bankers rated a Big Zero? His attempt to make the financial crisis all GB's, and nothing to do with his friends and bankrollers, is a bit lame. Also, worth pointing out that Big Governments(s) round the world were essential to preventing recession from becoming depression."

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