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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Prescotts and the North South divide

I got watching this at half time in the football, which i was going to post about, and stayed with it.
On the subject of the division(s) - markets failed, government has failed, but the government is doing a hell of a lot more than the market. At the end of the day it comes down to jobs, and if the market won't create them then the government better.
Jobs, jobs, jobs. This is a reason i'm Labour. Even New Labour have put the most emphasis on jobs and full employment, which is something that's as old labour as anything.
On that subject, the lack of manual jobs came up. the lack of apprenticeships came up, no surprise. Another thing was the amount of money, £12-15k, that is cost to train as a plumber. The government should be shoving this money down people's throats.

I'm glad that by the end they looked at some of the poorer places down south. from my experience, essex has some places that you can compare to up north, docks and simular where jobs have gone and all ain't as rosy as on some of the very comfortable areas.

MY cure is big government, lots of money sorting out the mess of market economics(as usual)

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