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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A liberal (Socialist) take on free speech and the BNP

Not my words, but my sentiment:
"The fact that other parties are trying to silence a minority voice makes them no better than the BNP.

Rational people are unlikely to vote for them so why is there such a furore?

Censorship and biggotry go hand in hand, it breeds discontent and hatred.

There will be a backlash if they try to prevent this, it is irrelevant that the government and other parties disagree with alternative viewpoints, the simplest fact that the governemnt are legislating against free speech and opinion is an attack on all our freedoms.

Let them have their say, let us make up our own minds. The only way BNP will benefit from this is if their argument is more convincing than others and if that is the case than maybe the other parties don't have the right people or ideas.

BTW I totally disagree with the BNP policies."

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