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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

In praise of Michael Foot

Everyone once in a while I feel the need to go on about how great Michael Foot is.
5 to 4 on a wednesday seems as good a time as any.
This little piece helps, specifically the bits about
"The sad thing is that Michael Foot was perhaps the most honourable man ever to lead a major political party in this country"

"The irony is that it was Foot's innocence of the dark arts we now deplore in politicians, that led to his extreme unpopularity. He deliberately and consciously abjured the media soundbite, in favour of the well made and complete argument that did not fit in a news bulletin. He absolutely refused image makeover."

Very much like Gordy. He came to power as a serious man who was more substance than soundbite, and those who criticised Blair for being too good with the media, then criticised Brown for not being good with the media.
But this isn't about them, this is about Michael Foot and what a legend of the highest order he is.
I agree that Foot's principles and 'innocence of the dark arts' what a large part of why he was so unpopular, which is a sad and sobering lesson for all. In politics, those who stand for something get the shit kicked out of them. Those who are slimey buggers, become Prime Minister. The current two leaders being prime examples. Shame.
Anyway, to counter that rather depressing note, Michael Foot is top

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