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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tory economics

From the history thread earlier, but going off track.

One thing I wonder: would it be better for the country long-term to make massive cuts now in order that the short-term problems are tackled for long-term gain?
I don't think so, but it's an idea. It was tried once here just before I was born.
"Perhaps because i'm a geek who loves his head in books and history, politics, and anything else that involves lots of essays, but i think these events very important. I'd probably try to squeeze too much in because i thought it too important to leave out.

I would put in recent history as it shows where we are, but i would not focus too much on our own other than Huge things (detail to follow)
But i certainly think there needs to me a more world-centric view. I loved things like Egypt at school, and the Roman empire.

He alientated some, of course. He did try to tell a Tory story.
On trust, i try to set my bias aside (very difficult) and on that I'm all in favour of Osborne's approach.
On competance (if i may address your being convinced in those terms) I personally favour Darling as i think he's a good, steady pair of hands. Osborne, to me, is a very skilled politican who i think will be Tory PM one day. But on economic matters i don't trust him, partly because i disagree with his philosophy and partly because imporant serious comentators like Blanchflower and Martin Wolf (never thought i'd agree with him) think he's bonkers in the same way i do.
I believe people should be trusted to do something well, even if it's something i agree with. I should disagree with ends, not the means in some ways. But if those who should agree with Osborne on philosophy AND means think he's off track, then that worried me about his handling"

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