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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Boris Johnson on Europe

This like watching a car-crash, I can't believe he's Mayor of London.
I wouldn't put him in charge of anything, blimey


David Duff said...

On the contrary, I thought he was excellent! Yes, he waffled but like Maggie, who was always uncomfortable with prevarification because she was basically exceedingly honest and straighforward, so to Boris. And you underestimate him at your peril - ask Ken!

Bearded Socialist said...

Two things I would never describe Boris Johnson as are 'honest' and 'straightforward'.
The former more than the latter though to be fair.
I don't underestimate him, but i live with the consequences of his actions (in London) and the bloke is a mess. Transport needs sorting out and i don't mean Chelsea Tractors in, well, Chelsea. The public transport needs more investment, not budget cuts alongside fare rises

Bearded Socialist said...

oh yeah, and Rape Crisis Centres.
And London Living Wage Compliance