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Monday, 5 October 2009

George Osborne's economics

A good laugh at the best of times.
The ever-so-unbiased Kevin Maguire writing in the ever-so-unbiased Mirror draws attention to George Osborne's economic advisor.
Danny Blanchflower is riding high at the moment, his economic fears were shown true in the recent economic fuck up. He wanted earlier action to tackle it etc.
Now, he obviously knows a thing or two about economics because he largely agrees with me.
If I was to stake out my economic beliefs right now, they would be broadly along these lines:

""It is not hard to work out that, with unemployment rising fast, it isn't the right time to cut public sector jobs, wages or public spending for that matter.
"Mr Osborne, I really don't know which economists are advising you on this brilliant strategy to increase unemployment, but feel free to give me a call. Unemployment makes voters unhappy."

Or try this: "The time for cutting public spending is not now, not next year and not the year after."

Or this: "If large numbers of public sector workers, perhaps as many as a million, are made redundant and there are substantial cuts in public spending in 2010, as proposed by some in the Conservative Party, five million unemployed or more is not inconceivable. They could be our lost generation.""

The elephant in the room has a large sticker on the side of it (humane of course) asking How You Gonna Pay For It?
It's having a snooze so i'd best not disturb it

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