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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Possible legislative measures to change the balance of power in UK media....

....Is what i'd call the white paper.
'Fuck Murdoch' would be the theme.

I like this idea here, summarised as "Paul Sagar at Bad Conscience thinks it time the party cut Rupert Murdoch down to size:

When Parliament reconvenes on October 12th, there should be one priority for the final months of this government: to break up Murdoch’s control of key British media. After all, there’s nothing to lose anymore. The Sun will not volte-face and switch back to Brown; hostility from it – and eventually, The Times and Sky News too – is now inevitable. The election will be affected – and possibly dictated – accordingly. So Labour has absolutely nothing to lose by biting back.

The retaliation should go like this. The top legislative priority from October onwards must be to pass laws which make it impossible for one person – or better, parent company – to own more than one major national media outlet in the UK."

It's pretty bad that one bloke has so much power and is totally unaccountable, so now that The Sun not backing Labour, let's have some breaks on his power. The things they've often wanted to do but were too scared to.

Once again, Fuck Murdoch

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