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Saturday, 3 October 2009


How typical is average, how average is typical and what the hell is what?
Piece on Liberal Conspiracy is interesting, don't know what relation it bears to the Tory numbers, but good on them for having a go.

I like this little wee quote though:

"This just fits in with how biased call me Dave is going to be to the better off. He is scrapping inheritance tax and stamp duty on share dealing which will result in a nice hand out to the middle classes. And now he is going to allow them to not have to pay for their old age in care homes. Nice!

If you are in the bottom 60% of earners and you vote tory you are going top get screwed. Either through higher taxes or lower services.

These average salaries mean nothing because they are kept artificially high by the huge amounts that the very rich earn. Much more relevant figure is the number of people who earn less than 30 thousand a year. It is well over 75% of the population."

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