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Saturday, 14 November 2009


Just finished watching the England game.
the main difference was that Brazil kept the ball, we gave it away. England tend to rely too much on physical effort rather than technical quality. Capello waited far too long before making subs. Jenas was rubbish and I would have liked to have seen Huddlestone earlier as he might have been able to pass the bass.
It was pointless putting Ashley Young on with 4 minutes left. He should have come on far earlier.
Milner had a good game working hard but he was the only one i'd say played well.
Wes Brown had a very poor game, Bent got no service and Rooney didn't make enough happen.
This is an example of why i'd like to see some players try their hands abroad where the leagues are more technical and slower than in England. I think that would suit someone like Huddlestone and England are really held back by the players not going abroad

And Southend lost 1-0. Not bad considering we only have 3 defenders, one of whom is on loan and was sent off after half an hour.

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