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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tony Blair

I was down the pub on Thursday, and the subject came to politics.
I found myself giving a left-wing defence of Tony Blair, who to be honest I don't think was all that bad.
I was talking about unprecidented levels of public spending on health and education, rising tax levels, minimum wage, and his being elected on the manifesto of 1983.
I talked about how under Blair the moderate wing of the Labour party held power within the party for the first time, though I forgot about people trying to ditch Clause 4 since the 30s.
The girl I was talking to/ranting at agreed that the substance of my arguement was good and valid, but ended with 'but I think he's a bellend'.
Strike one for informed democracy and enlightenment eh?
Nevermind the substance of what he did in 10 years as head of the country, you think he's a bellend so that's all that matters. Honestly

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