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Monday, 9 November 2009

Immigration debate

"Immigration is down, more people are being repatriated if their claims are illegitimate and the points-based system for working visas is taking effect."

How to solve immigration problems?
"social development at home and economic development abroad."
Yeah, i'd probably go with that. Houses for British people, which all too few politicians are willing to do, that'd be a start.

"In the UK, the far right, elements of the media and a few among the less-far right play on the fear of people in low-income areas that jobs are being lost to immigrants. Try as we might, sounding authoritative on immigration is not going to win this fight and dispel that fallacy, even if it is based on malice and xenophobia. Instead, we have to continue to work to make these areas less deprived: improve employment, increase community and hunker down on social policy initiatives. We will have to fight against inactive ... councils to reintegrate people into society, where they have been left on the cold of the doorstep for too long."

"Abroad, simply speaking, we need to work hard to make life better for people so that fewer feel the need to travel thousands of miles to make a new, safer and better life for themselves. The Department for International Development is seen as detached from the lives of everyday folk in this country, but that is simply not true. A prosperous world is better for all of us and increasing the quality of life abroad will do more to stop outflows of people from deprived countries than an increase in border controls ever could. DfID is a world leader in its field and, if we can tie its work in to the answer on immigration (as well as international business and the environment), its relevance can be highlighted."
Yeah, i'd have some of that.

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