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Monday, 16 November 2009

more on tackling the BNP 2

"I think the link between alienation and the BNP, to me, comes from the Mail, Express, Telegraph and Murdochs grubby paws.
BNP and non-BNP people that i've talked to believe that the British are strangers in our own land, that we're down trodden and at the back of every queue due to political correctness, liberal elite etc. etc. you know the lines.
They see the BNP as cutting through this, and so are drawn to them. The BNP do have other policies, which tend to be populist and non-liberal. Some say they are far left, some say far right so it's probably fair to say that they're somewhere at that end of the doughnut.
Lots of people sympathetic to the BNP were carping about how Griffin wasn't allowed to talk about their wider policies on Question Time."


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Hello, obviously the person mis-using my name at the Lib Con thread is not me so ignore the personal attacks or feel free to shout back, up to you of course.

I have a feeling it is a racist blogger called The Sentinel having some kind of breakdown.

Arnold said...

The rise of the BNP comes as a result of Liebour flooding the country with immigrants who take jobs that would normally have been done by locals.

People said it at the time, it's all very well having a cheap Polish plumber but at what cost?

Shame on New Liebour.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...


The rise? 1.6% of the UK population voting BNP in the EU elections? More people voted Green.

And blaming it on Labour is a little odd because you seem to actually think that immigrants take jobs done by 'locals' which is total tosh.

We didn't seem to mind before the recession when unemployment was at its lowest for well over 30 years, esp. youth unemployment and now suddenly it is the 'immigrants' fault.

I get the sense that you are possibly a BNP voter of at least share their views, vote for them and get what you deserve.

Bearded Socialist said...

Presence of WUM noted.

Anyone going on abour "Liebour" is being a dick from the start.
Racism goes up as the economy goes down.
'Flooding the country with immigrants'?