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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I am great

"Bearded Socialist re: Comment 29,

To you sir, I doff my bowler hat.
You truely are a comrade with a sense of humour"
"28. Bearded Socialist

she’s a wind-up merchant. Part of her success is that she riles the likes of us, so we can have a little pop back at her for winding us up. She certainly does that well, she makes steam come out of my ears.
As long as it’s light hearted and not too serious, there’s little wrong with it. It’s not serious, but shouldn’t be taken as serious.
11:24 am, November 11, 2009
29. Bearded Socialist

Having looked up on google what a Lada is, i think it only right she’s put on bendy buses to get there"

In response to
"22. Bearded Socialist

I’ll admit that her possible influence worries me.
But anyone that mental worries me, she should be getting the treatment she needs rather than more people agreeing with her, they only encourage her

23. Kojak

Bearded Socialist re: Comment 22,

Said like a true socialist.
Do you have a particular Gulag in mind where she can recieve treatment until she agrees with you?"

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