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Thursday, 12 November 2009

MOD bonuses

"Spot the difference:

The Guardian – “Families of war dead criticise bonuses totalling £47m”
The Times – “Families of servicemen condemn £47m bonuses for MoD staff”
The Telegraph – ” Civil servants deserve £47m in bonuses because they face the same risks as frontline troops in Afghanistan, the Home Secretary said”
BBC News – “Bonuses worth over £47m paid this year to Ministry of Defence civil servants have been criticised”
Daily Mail – “Penpushers at the MoD pocket £300million in bonuses”"

"Can I explain.

“Pen pushers”, as in the IT, Finance, HR staff that keep the army running, lost their annual pay rise 3 years ago, so save money for the front line.

They now get no pay rise. They only get an annual performance bonus (of about £500) which is based on their ability to hit performance targets.

Of course, in Mail world, this is fat cat, champagne swigging pen pushers, taking away money for hitting “PC and race relations quotas ” (well that probably applies to HR staff) and taking away money from “our boys” helicopter fund"

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