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Monday, 23 November 2009

council bureaucracy

I'm not fan of bureaucracy of any kind. Can't stand it. I don't like filling in forms or people not being able to think without the due process.
However, there are important performance reasons in favour of bureaucracy that i accept even if i don't like them.
When I saw the headline "Needless bureaucracy is costing councils in England £4.5bn a year" i assumed it was the TaxPayers Alliance or some simular mentalist group. But it's not.
One of their criticisms, which I don't think is a good one, is that there are more staff. That's not necessarily a bad thing to have staff, and it kinda helps out delivering the service. Also, some of these workers are very poorly paid so helping them do their jobs is to be welcomed.
"Complying with centrally-imposed "data burdens", such as performance indicators, was wasting £400m a year"
a necessary evil to prevent 'postcode lotteries'.
In all, it would be nice if bureaucracy was cut coz i don't like it

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