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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Cameron setting out welfare plans

This is laugh a minute stuff.
DC "claims the Tories are now "best-placed to fight poverty in our country"."
"says the welfare system tells young girls that having children before finding work and a loving relationship is a way to getting a home and money."

""Our alternative to big government is the big society, but we understand that the big society is not just going to spring to life on its own: we need strong and concerted government action to make it happen. We need to use the state to remake society.""
Big government has failed, we need bigger government to sort it out. What else is "strong and concerted government action"?
Unless he meant "strong and concerted government INaction". THAT'S small government for you.
Personally, I fead he's still tripping after those wild days at uni.

Wasn't he praising the NHS and minimum wage not long ago?
Those are both big government things, and have done as much as anything in the history of this country to help the poorest

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