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Saturday, 7 November 2009

All Time Fantasy Band

No more than one person per band.
Mine is:

Drums - Danny Carey (Tool)
Bass - Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
Guitars - James Hetfield (Metallica) and André Olbrich (Blind Guardian)
Vocals - Blaze Bayley (Blaze Bayley, Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden)
Free role - Christofer Johnsson (Therion)

What a line-up.


Rana said...

agree with your views on politics and cricket, but now this is heresy ;)

have been knocking out this sort of top five for years myself. My view changes, but last time it was:

Lead Guitar: Brian May
Bass Guitar: Steve Harris
Drums/Percussion: Neil Peart
Vocals/Lyrics: Fish
Piano/Production: Jim Steinman

a very different sort of band.

Bearded Socialist said...

Not all that different really, still a rock n roll band. Brian May was close to getting in, but I don't know Peart, Fish, or Steinman

Rana said...

I am disappointed, but I guess it's just that you are young...
Neil Peart - Rush
Fish - Marillion
Jim Steinman - Meat Loaf

Bearded Socialist said...

ha, yeah, i'm a youngster i'm afraid.
I've heard OF those bands at least