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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Gordy letter thing

I think it's all in pretty bad taste.
The mother is hurt that her sone died, fair enough. I'd be pretty hurt too.
She blames Brown for a lack of equipment. Fair enought, that's her right.
I don't like the criticisms for his handwriting, or the TYPE OF PEN he used.
Her quote: her describing the letter as a "hastily scrawled insult" is a bit off. He's the first Prime Minister ever to write personally to the families of the dead, then to attack him for that is not on. It just doesn't sit right with me.
Attacking him for the type of pen is daft, apparently his eyesight is so bad he can't see anything thinner, and it's just about the most stupid trivial thing i've ever heard.
I think she's been used by the Sun to attack Gordy.
I think the letter isn't too bad, i've seen bits of if with the 'offending' bits circled and I could read it.
This is a horrible issues to get involved in, but plenty are using it as a stick to beat him with, that and not bowing his head at the right angle at the Cenotaph.
If that's being thrown at him, i'll defend him.
But it does go to show that he may not be a Prime Minister for our age. He's a micro, not macro man. He's not media-friendly like Blair or Cameron. He's not a great "people person" as in he find it difficult to get a simple message across e.g. an apology or an idea.
But he's a substance over style kinda guy, and i'd rather have him than Cameron any day. Partly due to the party each is in, but partly because I prefer dour, serious people of substance to the PR man Cameron.

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