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Monday, 16 November 2009

more on tackling the BNP

By me, from liberal conspiracy:
"My own views on this come (in part) from a conversation I had in a pub in south Essex with some mate's mates who were BNP supporters. At the time I was pretty unpleasant to them, in a down the pub in Essex sort of a way.

I think it was good to talk like that, and we were each pretty clear where we all stood. It's an area where the BNP came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each council election that set of elections.

Some of their supporters are racist, but some feel abandoned by politics and politicians. One said that Labour used to be the party of the working man but now no-one was. So to some extent their is a link with Labour supporters. But Labour don't have a monopoly on the working class, and the BNP is a problem for all.

But the BNP is a legal political party so we have to accept that and engage with their supporters' concerns or they will feel that "the liberal elite" is not listening to them, reinforcing why they support the BNP in the first place"

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