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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Possible Premiership Changes

The sorts of Premier League reforms being discussed just go to show how little many care for nothing but their own back pockets.
I would HATE to see promotion and relegation removed from football, and I can see it just making the rich richer and the poor poorer, driving a greater dividing line between those with plenty and those with nothing.
If there was going to be a British league including representatives from all the countries WITH promotion and relegation, that’s fine.
But why should the ambitions of the likes of Southend and hundreds of other teams with millions of fans have our ambitions capped?
A two-tier Premier League would bring immense rewards to whoever is lucky enough to survive that one last season, with whoever just misses out on promotion destined to forever languish just below the cut-off line.
If Rangers and Celtic want to join the English leagues they probably should be able to, we have Welsh clubs for example. But it should be at Conference level at best, or lower. I can’t just stick Southend in the Premiership so they shouldn't be able to either. A new club, AFC Wimbledon or FC United, have to start at the very bottom. These two should too.

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