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Monday, 23 November 2009


Was going on about education with Julian Ware-Lane here:
"A competitive education system is a problem when schools have control over admissions - schools then have the power to dump worse pupils on other schools e.g. Academy schools exclude and expel far more 'touble' pupils. The local state school then has to deal with these pupils. Then the Gov comes along saying 'look how wonderful our new Academy schools are and how awful the local state school is'. To say nothing of the vast differences in resources.

I agree with Billy about sending lots of people to University being wrong. We've focused too much on degrees so that we have people doing degrees who have no interest in being there but are pressured into it. Now, as with nurses we have too much emphasis being put on having a degree, as if that was the be all and end all in life, which is really isn't.
I think there needs to be a reasonably radical reform of edcation, but one where the minister then leaves it in place for 4 years without interfering"

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