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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Gordy and the X Factor

One of the top stories on the Guardian today is about Gordon Brown saying he prefers X Factor to Strictly Come Dancing.
I don't care. Even slightly.
He should have more important things to do than go on about what he watches on TV.
I suppose this is an attempt to make him seem more 'human' by doing an interview with GQ, but he always comes across to me as trying to jump on the nearest bandwagon.
Rather than trying to be exciting, he should do boring well


Julian Ware-Lane said...

I watched X Factor for the first vtime this Sunday (it was a taped version of Saturday's show). I thought it was rubbish. I have not watched Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother, I'm A Celebrity, et al. I do not like reality TV.

I am broadsheet reader who likes documentaries, news programmes, and films. I don't do the bingo.

This is all very uninteresting and totally irrelevent to my candidature in Castle Point.

(There's no point asking me if teh Arctic Monkeys are on my IPod - I don't own one!)

Bearded Socialist said...

You and me both.
One of the reasons I want to get into politics is that i've never been one for popular culture. I don't like X Factor, Big Brother etc. But I do like the Artic Monkeys.

It makes me cringe when politicians try to show how 'down wit kids' they are