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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Arsenal's midfield

I'm really enjoying the prem this season. It's competitive and so far there seem to be contenders for every slot.
Finding three teams worse than Hull and Portsmouth may prove hard, but i can see Pompey improving throughout the season.
But my main topic is Arsenal. I do like watching them, they are class. For the sake of balance I wish they could defend as that would make them truely great, but no-one can really defend this season.
But I like what they did yesterday with Fabregas and Ramsey in the middle as I think those two have the potential to be like Xavi and Iniesta for Barcelona. While i'm a 442 man they are doing very well with 433, and it's nice to see a proper 433 rather than a 451.
But as no-one seems to defend this year, it makes for a very exciting league

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