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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Job Seekers Allowance

The whole JSA system needs looking into.
My situation is that because I was a student and then a low-paid worker, i am not eligible for the JSA i claimed for.
So i have been paid nothing at all.
I might be eligible for another type, which is means tested and involves another type of form which i need to go to the job centre to get, and it will then be assessed. I can't help feeling i'm being penalised for being a student and a low paid worker. This may be someone else's fault, though that's not very important.
Changes need to be made.
There are far too many forms to fill in for a start.
The needs of the claimant need to be put to the fore.
Considering i am well educated an entited to benefits (as is my girlfriend) and we have been unable to claim anything, i struggle to see how benefit fraud ever happens at all

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David Duff said...

It's because, being an ex-student and all that, you're not brainy enough to fiddle the sytem! If you see a Nigerian down at the office next time, he'll tell you how, and he probably can't read or write English.

Also, and I'm sorry to have to say this, but you're still not brainy enough to change the font size on your blog and switch from white on black which makes it virtually unreadable - and the other day you were complaining about lack of readers - duh!