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Friday, 14 August 2009

American Healthcare round-up

Wow, is this a big topic right now.
Very interesting piece in Liberal Conspiracy on the numbers involved, to which I had to add my two pennies: "It is very odd to see the fuss being made over some very modest plans for reform. In the 1940s Bevan was treated in the same way when he tried to bring in the NHS. He was called a Little Hitler, Stalin etc. etc. but when the dust settled most people realised it was fuss about nothing.

We have a healthcare system that covers everyone. Also, I believe, the single biggest cost to the NHS is expensive new drugs, so take those out and it's actually pretty cheap considering what it does.
I personally think having a medical system based on ability to pay above need is disgusting and very wrong."

Some excellent work from Socialist Unity, especially:
"n just eight months, Obama has gone from enjoying the stature and popularity of a fifth Beatle to being compared to Hitler and Stalin incarnate, intent on attacking that American holiest of holies – the freedom to be poor, get sick, and die without government interference."
And it ends by quoting Bevan, pretty good as far as i'm concerned:
"Perhaps, however, the last word on the subject should go to Nye Bevan. During an essay on the NHS in 1952, he wrote:

‘A free Health Service is a triumphant example of the superiority of collective action and public initiative applied to a segment of society where commercial principles are seen at their worst’.


From Next Left comes an American arguement against the NHS:
"Claims that Stephen Hawking would never have been allowed to live had he been British (!) may have been the last straw."

A personal testimoney from grimmerupnorth, about how the poor benefit from the NHS. Something anathema to some on the American right.

In The Sun is a piece "Yanks must stop bashing the NHS".
The NHS really is one of the few institutions we hold dear in this country, let's defend it to the death.

A couple of articles on Liberal Conspiracy attacking Hannan.
I actually thought Lansley did well on Today this morning, managing to put forward the case for reform while also stressing their support, a pretty tricky balancing act for a Tory at the best of times

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kensington and chelsea said...

The right wing do seem ignorant in the USA.