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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Socialist Workers Party

From here:
"If 'Marxism' is anything to go by, we're screwed. The SWP are happier the further they are away from actually getting anything done. They are, in majority, a useless bunch for whom carping from the sidelines is far preferable to the compromises that will lead to anything actually getting done.
I was disgusted by the Marxism even when I attended, too many people from too many parties just there to proclaim themselves more left than the other, stuck with their heads in the clouds, expelling hot air and not trying to move anything forwards. They are happy in their complacency that waiving placards will bring the evil capitalist class to it's knees, but even if they did achieve that they would have no idea what to do next".
They are as bad as the Adam Smith Institute, blinded by dogma and usually too far up their own arses

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