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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Working in a supermaket

I know I shouldn't, but I was reading something in the Daily Mail.
I've worked in a supermarket, part time. It was horrible. The staff were treated like crap, we weren't allowed to talk during the shift other than to help customers. All I was doing was staking shelves.
I'm lucky that I didn't have to stay there long, and I wouldn't want to go back. I've had other simular jobs, working in what i called the 'arse end of the service industry' and others have agreed with that assessment.
What struck me about the article was how horrible and rude most people are, how people expect things to be landed on their plates, not only from the people mentioned in the article but the comments section too.


Julian Ware-Lane said...

Read it on your recommendation - it was interesting. It does seem nowadays that everyone - or almost everyone - is in a rush and that that virtue, patience, is rarely found.

I say we all need to chill out a bit.

Bearded Socialist said...

Totally agree. I still blame the dominant ideology prevalent from around 1979 which in many ways has not yet died the death I hope it will, the consumerist, no-society, everyone's out to get me, i'm alright jack etc. etc. consumerism that is killing our compassion and humanity the same way it's killing the planet we live on and as part of.