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Monday, 10 August 2009

The superficial nature of beauty, or dating ugly people

There's a piece in the Mail (i know i know) about dating 'ugly' people.
My comment was "Sounds like woman can't get near him due to the huge potato fields on his shoulders.
Lots of people aren't 'good looking', which isn't helped by our celebrity-obsessed culture. But ALL people are helped by having a personality, social skills and a sense of humour. These are things people can work on. I'm no oil painting to say the least, but i don't let it get me down. I have other things in my life than my looks. Try getting that grey matter between the ears working for a start.
Being that picky isn’t helpful either. Try looking beyond their looks too, that might be a start."

From the article, the man's looks don't seem to be a reason why he can't get a woman, his personality seems far more off-putting than his face. He sounds like the chips on his shoulder can be seen from space, he says: "'Celebrities are always complaining about the fact that women are only interested in them because of their fame,' he says. 'Well, that sounds great to me, actually." which to me, makes his sound like a right dick.

Looks do matter, it would be silly to say they don't. But there are plenty of other factors, and then judging others by their looks means he's getting what he deserves

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