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Saturday, 8 August 2009

In defence of Harriet Harman

Not a very popular thing to do, but Harman has been been defended.
I'm not as bothered by sexual politics as I am by (class) inequality issues. Sexual equality is an equality issue, so something which I am interested in.
Partly because she's Labour, partly because she's talking about equality, partly because I think the abuse she gets has been unfair, i'm sick of the abuse she's been getting.
So well done for defending her and making the case for what she's calling for re: sexual equality.
Now, I went to a Fabian Society thing recently where all different ethnic groups were represented. BUT, despite the colours of skin, I was distinctly LOWER CLASS than many of the others, despite me being white and British. I'm not posh, didn't go to public school then Oxbridge, my parents aren't connected. The point being that this is CLASS inequality, and that skin colour is as irrelevant as sex/gender compared to what's inside and each person's class position.

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