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Monday, 17 August 2009

War in Afghanistan

An article in the Mail today has pissed me off. Nothing new there.
Now I support the war in Afghanistan, not something I thought i'd say, but i do.
The Mail ran an article about how we shouldn't be there, if course blaming 'the lies of our leaders'.
What rubbish, as is this comment:
"I totally agree, there is no way our troops should be involved in this war, its too costly.
What we should have done is conduct just one mission; a massive bombing raid to blow the taliban back to the stone age!
Simple really....."

That's not helpful

My two pennies:

I totally disagree with this article. The lack of a stable government turned Afghanistan into a breeding ground for terrorists and their masters, same as in parts of Pakistan and Somalia.
If we want to make Britain safer we have to win the peace in Afghanistan rather than putting our heads in the sand or trying to keep out foreigners.
Those soldiers died to protect our freedom. The more countries involved in stabilising Afghanistan, the better

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David Duff said...

Alas, your chances of "stabilising" Afghanistan are vanishingly tiny. A policy of, and please excuse the shorthand, 'trash 'n' dash', leaving a note on the desk of the outgoing (or better still, dead) president reminding his successor that any more harbouring of enemies ot the West will bring more of the same, would concentrate minds wonderfully.

One should always attempt to fight a war to your own strengths. We (meaning the Yanks mainly) have the ability to project our power with almost pinpoint accuracy against governmental and ministerial targets. The knowledge that at any moment a missile could be whizzing down your air-conditioning duct will make then think hard before embarking on adventures.

That should go hand in hand with sending in money and arms to anyone who has a grievance against the government in Kabul which should keep otherwise mischievous hands busy.

In the meantime our soldiers can concentrate on Trooping the Colour!