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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Taxpayers alliance

I'm not a fan of the taxpayers alliance.
the taxpayers’ alliance is a collection of very nasty pieces of work who are only interested in reducing their tax bills as the expense of the poor, who they very rarely have any contact with.
anything that helps to highlight their agenda, and how over represented they are.
Good work here.
"The Other Taxpayers’ Alliance has come up with an indispensable guidelines for the media on whether they should be using the TaxPayers’ Alliance as rent-a-quotes.

The guidelines feature essential top 5 reporting tips and a handy flowchart to help them plan their story. It also features examples of bad research by the TPA.

The top 5 tips
1. Give context
The TaxPayers’ Alliance is a right-wing pressure group – and so should be described as a ‘right-wing pressure group’. Additional adjectives may be used at your discretion.

2. Use initiative
When presented with a TPA press release, aim to rewrite at least half of it. Try getting a second opinion. Or failing that, Google.

3. Add perspective
The TPA calls itself a ‘grassroots alliance’ of ‘ordinary taxpayers’. But it doesn’t have a membership – just a free-to-join mailing list of 20,000, which represents 0.04% of taxpayers. This compares with, say, the 1.3 million taxpayers who are members of the public sector trade union, Unison.

4. Name names
‘Ordinary taxpayers’ who support the TPA include: Sir Tom Cowie (Life President, Arriva), Sir Rocco Forte (Chairman, Rocco Forte Hotels), Peter Hargreaves (CEO, Hargreaves Lansdown), Malcolm H.D. McAlpine, (Director, Sir Robert McAlpine), Stuart Wheeler (Chairman, IG Group), and Lords Salisbury, Pearson, Derwent, Hodgson, Chadlington, Kalms and Vinson.

5. Investigate
Who funds the TaxPayers’ Alliance? Why won’t it tell us – or even reveal its income?"

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