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Friday, 21 August 2009

Labour in opposition

It's not something any Labour people want to think about, but this is a very good piece on how important it is not to tear ourselves apart when it finally comes.
"Some people think that not talking about it makes it less likely to happen. Others consider any public discussion of the possibility of Labour losing a future election to be an act of treachery and disloyalty"

I've come across that very thing too, which seems to me like too much of putting your head in the sand. The best way to go about things is surely to be as realistic as possible.

"Labour lost the election for not being socialist enough, because the recently-ejected ministers lacked proper socialist conviction and resolve, and because the Government lost touch with the rank-and-file. Aside from the obvious contradiction contained within the contention that millions of people vote Tory when they think Labour is not left-wing enough, this post-defeat narrative is all about Labour’s culture of betrayal. It suits some (Compass springs to mind) to blame Labour’s leadership and centrist policies for failure, because it forces people to take up left positions."
Good point, like that.

"I heard a Tory say this week that Tories are always looking for someone to recruit, whilst socialists are always looking for someone to blame. It was the underlying truth of it that rankled the most."
Too true i feel

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