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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

City AM

I hate the bloke who writes editorials in City AM.
He pissed me off this morning by going on about how great it was that banks were paying bonuses and how bad it was that people would dare criticise banks.
So I wrote this to him. Reply, if any, will follow:

Dear Mr Heath,
Once again I had the misfortune of reading one of your editorial pieces in City AM this morning. Whilst I understand that it is your job to stand up for certain sections of the business community, I find your continued disregard of glaringly obvious facts starts to grate after a time. To attempt to absolve all well-paid businessmen from blame for this recession would border on the unbelievable if it were not your stock in trade. To say that “Goldman Sachs did not cause or exacerbate the recession; neither did JP Morgan” is stretching the truth to the limit.
While there are the occasional attempt at sorrow in your pieces, it goes against the vast bulk of your articles, where your line that ‘it’s someone else’s fault’ is roughly on a par with Labour’s conviction that they will win the next election, or that David Cameron has stuck to his guns.
It is unusual that I am motivated to write in in this way, usually I would put the paper down and walk away, but your pieces have almost caused me to throw the paper out of the window on more than one occasion. As a result I would ask you for at least some balance in your ‘reporting’ so that my attempts to catch up with some very important business news are not interrupted by my anger at the dross presented on the inside page.

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