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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Football, 442

Now, so far football has pretty much escaped these pages. No longer.
Being a geek, i love the tactical side of the game, and this article on formations got me interested. I'm a 442 man because I like 2 wide players and two strikers. It's the most attacking formation because the width allows wide players to go round the outside of a narrow defence. Two strikers apply more pressure to the defence, allowing more midfielders and defenders to become part of the attack too. Wide players also create more space in-field for the other players to play, while forcing the defence to decide between closing them down and allowing space in the middle.
At Roots Hall, i've often seen teams play so wide the wingers just stand on the touch line when they don't have the ball and it opens the game so much. I've seen other teams come and play narrow and our lack of width has caused us to get stuck against a brick wall.
So, 442 all the way

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