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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

David Cameron's joined-up Government

I've always had a suspicion that Cameron changes his policies towards things a bit too quickly for me. On this, it's taken him a year.
Now, this criticism comes from a source that is hardly a bastion of left-wing ideology, it's from the FT.
They contrast how two days ago Cameron is praising Tesco for providing great value and going so far as to say that "the government could be run more like Tesco".
One year ago he was criticising Tesco for abusing their power:
"The Conservative leader used the address to renew his criticism of the big supermarkets and to hold out the prospect of cuts in taxation and red tape for their smaller competitors.

“If small independent shops have a greater social value than chains or larger shops, then it makes sense for them to benefit . . . from an advantageous tax and regulatory regime which tips the balance back in their favour against the larger retailers,” Mr Cameron said. But he failed to specify any details of such an “advantageous” regime.

In contrast to his praise for independent retailers, the Conservative leader criticised the relationship between the big supermarkets and farmers as “another example of inadequate regulation”. While the supermarkets’ “habit of using their market power to squeeze the margins” of suppliers could produce welcome price cuts, Mr Cameron warned about abuse of that market power."

Typical of the two-faced twat

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