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Monday, 10 August 2009

England Team Selection for 5th Test

After the disaster that was the 4th Test, everyone is getting their pennies in early about the final Test, but one comment on cricinfo has summed it up for me:

"No matter what the selectors do, they will be criticised roundly. Leave the team intact and show faith in the players who, at times, have played well. Making wholesale changes has the effect of undermining team morale."

I don't personally buy all this 'one-off test' rubbish. Ramprakash, who I was a massive fan of, should not even be considered close to a recall. His Test record makes Bell look like Bradman, which everyone seems to have forgotten about.
Now, for me number 3 is the important position and Key has the best case, even though i'm not a fan because he doesn't move his feet enough and feels outside off too much. I think that someone like Clark could do for him.
I'd drop Bell, and for a year or two. He should not have been recalled this summer because the odd few runs in county cricket are not enough, he should have been sent away for the whole season and told to top the runs and averages before he comes close to a recall.
Bopara i'd stick with, even though as an Essex fan i'd like him back with us, i think the boy has class and coming in at 4 with a more solid number 3 would do him the world of good.
I'd keep Collingwood, and I only wish his technique was good enough to bat at three because he's a fighter and just what we need, even though he's had a bad test at Headingly.
The bowling needs work, but England have bowled too short for about as long as I can remember. It's the attack of the macho length, trying too hard to intimidate the batsman rather than doing what's needed to get him out. As with many things, look at the Aussie's to see how it should be done.
Broad did really well, he kept the runs down while all around him lost their heads (to paraphrase) and deserved his 6 wickets. I'd been calling for him to be dropped, but he stays now.
Anderson drives me mad when he bowls short, if anything I'd rather he bowled too full to get the ball swinging.
I don't think mass changes are the way forward, but i think that's it for Harmison. Sorry lad, always been a big fan but now I think the time has come. Reason is usally him bowling too short and too stupid.
The odd change is needed, drop Bell and bring in a proper number 3. Who? No idea, it's much easier said than done.
Maybe Bell at 3, Bopara at 4 and say to them that it's up to them to save their careers and win the Ashes. Flintoff in for Harmison as the only change apart from swapping Bell and Bopara


Anonymous said...

Why do you say drop Bell and then include him in your team at 4? I'd drop him completely and go with Key who is a proper number 3. Also - tell him he will be batting there for the next year no matter what happens. He deserves a run.

Bearded Socialist said...

I don't rate Key.
Bell is a short-term measure who I wouldn't have included this summer at all, but as he's in the team he should stay in.
That and my mind is muddled, as are the selectors

Anonymous said...

surely Usman Afzaal is the best bet for number 3!