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Friday, 14 August 2009

France and Germany out of recession?

Interesting to hear that France and Germany have pulled out of the recession.
There has been some good commentary from Liberal Conspiracy on this. The different approaches to financial stimulus is interesting. France and Germany both undertook larger stimuli than the UK, when they had more scope to do so. Fair play. Maybe that means that the UK will be come out slightly later too?
Also, it seems to show that the fiscal stimulus worked.
It also appears to show the folly of the Tories' calls for cuts, which I believe is a silly idea.
Comment on the Liberal Conspiracy article:
"I would add to the OP:

“The irony that Conservative policies of drastic cuts in pubic spending are the exact opposite of what the French and German governments have undertaken appears completely lost upon Osborne, in his rush to deride Gordon Brown with the sort of punch and judy politics his chum Dave promised to do without”

like that

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