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Thursday, 27 August 2009

The inner workings of government

This is something i've been thinking about a fair bit recently, imagining how things would go in a future Bearded Socialist government. Gotta have a dream eh?
This piece in Comment is free got me thinking about the ways to reform the ways things work. While the piece is a starting point for an thought-process about how to manage the ways the machinary of government works, there are a few sage bits.
"When experts like these disagree, wise observers should recognise that the issues are not simple and that there is strength in both arguments" is obvious but important.

"Arguing for "the old system", Lord Butler favours more counterweights against prime ministerial centralism. In particular, he wants the Cabinet Office to remain an independent support for ministers – not absorbed into the Prime Minister's Office as an enforcement department of No 10."
Something I would definately agree with. I think it's important to get far more checks and balances on the power of the main decision making body, namely the PM and their cabal.

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