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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Benefits and Gov spending

Labour list has done this article on the Express.
Now, to say that the Express has an opinion which they like to make pretty clear is like saying that Real Madrid would be favourites against Southend.
Now the comments dispute the figures used to tackle the story, of course they do.
But the Labour List author, Shamik Das, has a point. The implication is that £186 bn is handed out to every Tom, Dick and Ahmed that turns up without a job to the local benefits centre. That seems to provide most headlines in the likes if the Express and the Mail. So the breakdown of the figures is the right thing to do. Take out the money spent on pensions and it's a VERY different matter (37% of the £186bn according to Das).
As to whether the benefits are deserved, well the Tabloids just like to have a rant and rave about them, it's their stock in trade.
To be honest, it's not that amount that's the problem for me, it's where it goes as against where it should go.
It's disgusting the way my girlfriend has been treated and messed around with her benefits, and that is something that needs sorting, but is a very different issue.
Moral of the story: the Express are a shower of bastards

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