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Friday, 28 August 2009

The plot thickens

re: changes to housing benefits.
So it seems that the government are NOT cutting housing benefits, but rather cutting the amount of difference between rent and allowance that tennants can keep. A VERY different thing.
But this piece in the FT came to my attention, especially about the money being paid to landlords. From what I know, it took the government about ten years to change it so that tennants were paid the money rather than landlords, which was a significant step forward because it stopped bad landlords taking the money and leaving the people living there in shit. Chris Mullin makes repeated mention of the need to change away from paying the money to landlords. And then we get "Teresa May...reversing the policy so that landlords once again receive the benefit".
I know i can't take the diaries of one man as absolute truth, but i'm guessing there is some truth in his desire to take (bad) landlords out of the loop, to reverse this there must be some basis. No mention of what it is

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