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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lib Dems = funny

In response to the Lib Dem's thing for women, I remember reading some Lib Dem campaign literature for students, going on about their welfare plans being Well Fair. Pretty much the same level eh?

Apparently: "For what its worth, a quick skim through the content of the paper reveals that its not really a policy paper, as such, its more a loose and, in some places, fairly generic, collection of sound-bites, ideas and proposals which, taken together, set out what I suppose will be the Lib Dems sales pitch to female voters at the upcoming General Election"

Nice one on the men’s version, very amusing.

I personally think everything (men, women) should be included in one place. Not keen on a seperate Woman’s issue. But that’s the way that advertising is going, and politicians love to follow advertising trends

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