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Sunday, 30 August 2009

peter hitchens rant

what an idiot peter hitchens is.
i was directed to this typically nonsensical rant from pickled politics here.

He's going on about how much better things would be if we had never enter the Second World War. probably because hitches is a fan of nazism.
too extreme of me? perhaps, but he would be a good propagandist for them:

"We are a second-rate power, rapidly slipping into third-rate status. We have a weak currency and shrunken armed forces, deployed as auxiliaries in wars that are not in our interest, and we are largely governed from abroad.

Our Parliament is a bought and paid-for puppet chamber. Our culture and customs have been debauched and our younger generations corrupted, as subject populations are, with drink, drugs and promiscuity.

We are compelled, like an occupied people, to use foreign measures to buy butter or meat, and our history is largely forgotten or deliberately distorted in the schools to suit anti-British dogma. Those schools are unable to educate most of our children up to the levels of our main rivals, so ensuring that we provide no challenge to them. Our country has been Balkanised into provinces and regions. Our language is invaded by foreign words and expressions"

At the end of the day, if we hadn't got involved in our own terms, we would probably have been attacked by the Nazis, they were a bit like that

Not surprisingly, the comments make Hitchens sound like a balanced and rational individual.
Worst rated posts:
Blah, blah, blah. Cry me a river! You honestly think that the UK could have taken on the Communists by yourselves? Your supposition is built upon a mountain of "what if's." You remind me of Terry, the Marlon Brando character from "On the Waterfront": "I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum." If you think America sucks so bad, stop eating at McDonald's and watching our movies!!

- Thomas, San Antonio, Texas!, 30/8/2009 6:05

crime and bad behaviour were always around its just it was ignored and there was no massive media machine reporting it.
britain was in dire financial trouble and declining influence before ww2 and you also insult the country ignoring the fact we still have a large economy,healthcare,welfare as well as one of the largest and best navies,best trained armies and airforce as well as the worlds 5 richest nation despite having no empire and a tiny stretch of land.

- alexman, uk, 30/8/2009 17:05

"We are compelled.... to use foreign measures to buy butter and meat".
Utter drivel. Would you prefer "I'll have 4ozs. of sugar and a pound of flour" "That'll be one pound, three shillings and sixpence missus".
And there's no such place as "Londonderry".

- Martin, Thailand, 30/8/2009 6:04

INdia , jewel in the crown , was lost not because of the second world war, but because of the barbaric colonial rullers
British were at the point where the freedom fighters weregetting into control and would have forced the British leave India
British did a very shrud move, got Jinnah divided the country and left. they had to divide the country ,as they cannot bear to leave India.
till todate neither the India gov nro the British will come out with the facts about
the death of the India's freedom fighter Subhas Bose.

- bipin, london, 30/8/2009 9:09
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What rubbish. The Nazis would have attacked us anyway.

- my contribution, significantly edited.

I suggest that you read Jo Walton's trilogy--Farthing, Ha'Penny, and Half a Crown, to see what kind of world would have resulted from Britain's coming to a craven peace with with Hitler.

- Gill Avila, Morgan Hill, California USA, 30/8/2009 4:48

best rated:
"I think I would have liked that version of Britain."

1 comment:

Bearded Socialist said...

i know i should leave it but this is very highly rated too:

"Well done Peter, just because millions die and the outcome is 'needed' doesn't make any war right to fight.

After much reading over the past few years I am now convinced Churchill is a war criminal, who took the Empire to war specifically to DESTROY it. Churchill answered to higher powers than the British people, and it was the sole objective of the WW2 to destroy the British, Japanense and German spheres of influence.

I cannot thank enough and admire greatly the sacrifice of the many thousands of allied troops who went to war at Churchill's behest, but Hitler never wanted war with Britain. Instead he wanted a mainland European empire to partner the seaborne empire of Britain. Benefitting from British trade routes to Africa, India and south east Asia.

As before we should look to the puppetmasters (who of course are stil in place) who use 'Judas goats' to goad us into war with propoganda and pointless jingoism - for the true driver of war - profit.

Ask Rudolf Hess!


- Steve Henson, Southampton, UK"

can't help but think he's talking about a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world